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Mini Classes

Mini Ballet Tap Tumbling: 3-4 years and potty trained. A combination of Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling. The dancer will receive 20 minutes of each technique in the hour. This class incorporates basic foundations and techniques in Ballet Tap and Tumbling all while staying creative and incorporating different scenarios and characters.

Kinder Classes

Kinder Combination Classes: 4-6 years of age. These one hour combination classes include 30 minutes each of either Ballet, Tap, Jazz or Hip Hop. This class incorporates basic foundations of each technique using creativity and imagination.

Sprout Classes

Sprout Classes: 6-9  years of age. These classes are dedicated to teaching an introduction to each genre. Your dancer will learn foundational techniques in each class that will perpetuate them to exceed in each upcoming levels.

Junior Classes

Junior Classes: 9-12 years of age. At the Junior level the dancer will be learning how to apply each genre technique with consistency. It is at this level that a dancer can begin to explore the idea of training at a more serious level and possibly auditioning for one of our performing companies.

Teen / Adult Classes

Teen Classes: 12 + years. It is never too late to develop a passion for dance. Whether your dancer has been dancing since childhood or has decided to join the industry now they will be trained in with excellent technique and will advance to great heights in dance.

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