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Hip Hop | Contemporary

Junior | Teen | Company

Born and raised in Northern California, Michaela started dancing at 5 years old taking hip hop classes in her home town. She immediately fell in love and it was all she wanted to do. Eventually, the love for dance led Michaela to expand her knowledge and try various styles such as Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, and Jazz. She quickly discovered that her life goal was to teach dance. Michaela has been with Pamelot since she was 16 years old, and competed on the Hip Hop Company team Optical illusion, and The Project. She started assistant teaching in multiple classes which was the first step in reaching her goal. Michaela started teaching her own classes in her home town in 2020, as the owner, director, choreographer, and teacher. She is so thankful to be working here as part of the pamelot family and excited for what’s to come.

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